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Team Philosophy

Apex Executives are forward-thinking leaders with sound decision-making using analytical skills and business acumen. They are resourceful business professionals with extensive hands-on and management experience in all aspects of financial planning and analysis (FP&A). They utilize strong emotional intelligence to develop collaborative teams, identifying and leveraging individual strengths while leading by example. Our executives implement financial controls to combat erroneous spending internally and by vendor partners. They are experienced in diverse industries, such as the Military, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Real Estate, and Technology. Our executives use various methods for continuous improvement which include taking tasks from the business owner's plate, reducing noise from customers or vendors, and implementing system solutions. They possess excellent communication and listening skills, and work extremely well leading teams by bringing a team together, acquiring agreement and alignment among team members, and deliver results on-time and within budget. Our executives enjoy building a rapport with business owners as well as being invested in their business and their success. 

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