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Business Exit Planning Program

Did You Know........that at any given time more than 10% of all businesses are for sale? Additionally, there is another, up to 30%, of business owners that are contemplating selling in the next 5 years. (credit: Forbes)

Apex Executive Consulting has a unique exit planning program designed specifically for business owners looking to sell in the next 1-5 years. We fix the pain points of business ownership and put the business on track to garner the most profitability and the highest possible sale price.


We do that by:

  • reviewing every operational and financial component of the business

  • create efficiencies

  • implement systems

  • delegate management

  • eliminate nepotism

  • review the 4 P’s of marketing

  • align COGS percent

  • and a myriad of other strategies all focused on driving sales and profitability


Doing these strategies will make the business as attractive as possible. Increasing the profitability and being able to install a manager, will give the oppportunity for SBA loans and qualify for E-2 Visas, which will increase the pool of potential buyers in the U.S. and from abroad.

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