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Business Brokering

Did you Know........that 99% of all small business owners are leaving significant wealth on the table due to mistakes and missed opportunities? (credit: Metcalf Partners) The good news is that Apex Executives can dramatically improve your chances of being in the top 1% by increasing operational effectiveness, grow steadily and consistently, and navigate the challenges when selling your business for the highest market value. To learn about the Business Brokering process and KMF Business Advisors click on

Are you looking for an exit strategy now?

Apex Executives can help you sell your business. We are licensed business brokers (partnered with KMF Business Advisors in Florida) that are connected with buyers and other brokers to sell your business for the highest market price.

Our process includes:

  • Initial valuation using market and data comps

  • Interviews to understand all aspects of the business

  • Professional Packaging and confidential marketing

  • Vetting prospects, presenting offers, facilitating the due diligence process and lease transfer

  • Proceeding to a successful close

  • Keeping in touch after the sale

Want to expand your business by acquiring another business?

Apex Executives can help you navigate the pitfalls associated with buying a business from another owner.

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