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Lease Negotiations

Did You Know........that at any given time 20% of business leases are up for renewal? (Leases are typically 5 years in length)

Benefits of Working with our Lease Consultants

  • No time limit on your project! You're entitled to one full project, no matter how long it takes!

  • We'll work with you on multiple locations for your project - this is often times the best way to get a great lease deal!

  • Project Pre-payment discounts are available to save you money.

  • Progress payments are also available as your project is being done to spread out the costs over time.

  • No surprise add-ons! Your project fee covers everything. There are never any additional fees or expenses for your project!

  • REMEMBER: The our Lease Consultants do not work for Landlords. We only work for tenants! We never receive a commission from landlords. Our 100% loyalty is to you and getting you the best deal for your business!

Services for Tenants...  

We offer a number of Professional Leasing Packages to fit a range of needs: 

  • Lease Negotiations (new or renewal)

  • Lease Renewal Rent Reductions

  • Site Selection (& site evaluation)

  • Document Review (39-point lease inspection)

  • Coaching and Consulting (1-on-1)

  • Mid-term Rent Reduction

  • Building & Property Acquisitions

  • Lease Assignments & More

Request a quote for more details on any of our services...

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